English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 15.08.07. - After all the excitement yesterday, and the long night he spent preparing the revolution and meeting the Chilean resistance, Muenster's subculture leader, Charles Filch, is terribly sick. He can hardly walk, his stomach is a mess, and the possibility of having been poisoned by the enemies of the revolution is painfully real.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 14.08.07. - After an uncanny encounter with the police officer who so unfairly pinned a heavy, 90 Euro fine on him (see http://beta.thebeggarsopera.org/node/86)* , Filch gets himself ready for the great reopening of his Spiekerhof stall, on the occasion of the full reparation of his long-term-lease street lamp (see yesterday's post).

English synopsis. The Beggar's Diary, 13.07.08 .- Filch The Beggar is going to be filmed today and he has let that go to his head in a big way. He is famous, and maybe he should use this fame to draw attention to a marginal or endangered group—like Angelina Jolie or Bono.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary 12.08.07. - It’s Sunday morning, and Filch walks through a deserted and unbelievably quiet Muenster. The public transport is not running. All one can hear are birds and cyclists. Surprisingly, a horse-drawn carriage passes by, and this makes Filch see horses just about everywhere.

English Synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 11.08.2007. - Filch The Beggar will not forget the events from yesterday evening very easily. Paul's enigmatic sentence, "The winner is the one who has more toys in his grave." seems to have been branded forever on his mind. It is true, he has let himself be carried away by society's hysterical credo that the purpose of life is to achieve something.

The Beggar's Diary, 10.08.2007. - Filch arrives at the FYAL to find that there seems to be a man waiting for him. The man is carrying a big camera and introduces himself as Rudolf. Could he film Filch next week?

The Beggar’s Diary, 09.08.2007.- It's a rainy day. There are not many people walking the street, except for an army platoon (!) being toured around by a guide. In this weather, Filch heads towards the Spiekerhof. Because of the rain, he decides to put a sign saying he's off to the FYAL.

Tue 07
Aug 2007

Carlos, from Ecuador.

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The Beggar’s Diary, 06.08.2007. - Filch is late getting to the Spiekerhof, as usual. He was collecting trash to make a sculpture, he says. Now has to leave to drink his coffee at the FYAL; he leaves a note at the Spiekerhof explaining his absence.

As he sits in the sun sipping his coffee he remembers a story he read some time ago. It goes:

The Beggar's Diary, 07.08.2007. - When Filch needs to go to the toilet in the restaurant Kleine Kiepenkerl (NOT Grosse Kiepenkerl!), at the Spiekerhof, the lady of the house informs him that he must pay for it. "If you are not a customer, you have to pay 50 cents to use the toilets." "But I am Filch, I come here every day.

Mon 06
Aug 2007

Charles Filchstraße

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The Beggar's Diary, 05.08.2007. - It's Sunday and the streets of Muenster are quiet. Filch is crossing a bridge when he spots the name Johann Nepomuk. So his dear friend (http://beta.thebeggarsopera.org/node/101) has a statue on a bridge named after him… He daydreams about how the people of Muenster will remember Charles Filch.