English Synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 23.08.07. – Today, Filch The Beggar is warmly congratulated for his performance at Metropolis Kino the night before. His smile widens as he basks in the admiration of his public. Filch The Beggar loves to be loved.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 18.08.07. - As is usual, Filch is pondering over the meaning of life as he drinks his cup of coffee at the Fyal (the bar is again mentioned here by its name because, if you remember, The Beggar was allowed bathe in the men’s room yesterday).

English Synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 11.08.2007. - Filch The Beggar will not forget the events from yesterday evening very easily. Paul's enigmatic sentence, "The winner is the one who has more toys in his grave." seems to have been branded forever on his mind. It is true, he has let himself be carried away by society's hysterical credo that the purpose of life is to achieve something.

Fri 03
Aug 2007

The Beggar's Aria

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English synopsis, The Beggar’s Diary, 02.08.07 . - Today is the day. His voice is good, but not great; his whole body is tense; it is raining. But his mind is made up. He must re-conquer his raison-d’être, his motivation, his right, and his goal as a sculpture.

English synopsis, The Beggar's diary, 19.07.07. - Today at the Prinzipalmarkt there is something exceptional going on. Television crews are everywhere. As a natural impulse, Filch walks very slowly in front of the cameras. He has no idea what is happening, but whatever it is, he will be on television.

The Beggar’s Diary 17.07.07. - Filch wakes up today absolutely determined to sell his drawings. Whatever it takes!

The Beggar's diary, 13.07.2007.- As Filch walks the streets morosely, head down, his eyes fall on four golden pavement stones with names written on them. He reads about the people who lived in the house opposite the stones and who died after being deported to camps in 1939. Do people know about this?

See and hear our audiovisual archive on Filch's fantasy about Mark Wallinger's "Zone". The Beggar's Evenings, 27.06.07

English Synopsis 28.06.07 scroll down for pictures/ für Deutsch siehe unten

English Synopsis 21.06.07 (scroll down for audio —2 files: "Sam's opinion about SPM07" and "Disclaimer: The Beggar is Innocent"—, für Deutsch siehe unten)

English Synopsis 21.06.07 (scroll down for audio —2 files: "Sam's opinion about SPM07" and "Disclaimer: The Beggar is Innocent"—, für Deutsch siehe unten)

English synopsis, 18 and 19.06.07 (für Deutsch siehe unten)

Can you imagine the character?

II What The Beggar’s Opera is Not Dears, before getting any answer at all on my previous letter, I have to write to you again because of a matter that causes me some unrest.

Fri 25
May 2007

On Beggars

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In a welfare state, and seen from the eyes of a public space passer-by, one wonders about the origins of beggary. In a welfare state, one wonders, beggary is not any more a profession as once it was, but a vocation. Is that possible? Would any one want to be a beggar if other options were available?