"The spectacle produces spectators and thus protects itself from being questioned; it induces passivity rather than action, contemplation rather than thinking, and precipitates the degradation of life into materialism ... in advanced societies, material survival is not an issue, except for those who are kept poor in order to represent poverty."

Can you imagine the character?

What The Beggar’s Opera is Not

Dears, before getting any answer at all on my previous letter, I have to write to you again because of a matter that causes me some unrest.

Fri 25
May 2007

On Beggars

Posted by dora under Letters to the actors

In a welfare state, and seen from the eyes of a public space passer-by, one wonders about the origins of beggary. In a welfare state, one wonders, beggary is not any more a profession as once it was, but a vocation. Is that possible? Would any one want to be a beggar if other options were available?