The Beggar's Diary, 30.09.2007. - Today is the day. Many, oh so many words have been used to speculate as to what would happen today, but, ironically, the day starts with a process of healing: an orthopaedist takes a look at Filch’s knee at the fyal*f.

The Beggar's Diary, 29.09.2007. - It's raining cats and dogs in Muenster and it doesn't look like it’s going to get better any time today. Filch reluctantly cancels the guided tour he has always wanted to lead, and the only thing to do now, he figures, is to sit and wait at the fyal, scoring as many free coffees as he can. There are quite a few visitors looking for him.

The Beggar's Diary, 28.09.2007

Dear Filch!
We send you hearty greetings from
Paris. At the moment we are drinking
something on the Eiffel tower.
With love, Uwe+Ricarda

Filch has received postcards in the past, but this one is special because it was not delivered to him by his friends at the info point, but by the postman, who delivered it to the following address:

Mr. Filch

The Beggar’s Diary, 27.09.2007.- Yesterday's Beggar's Evening surely inspired people to write scripts suggesting a proper ending of this opera. Allow us to name just a few: place Filch in Andreas Siekmann’s garbage press; subject him to "la petite mort" next to a single woman; lay him down on the floor and watch to see if the body decides to get up or not ...

The Beggar's Diary, 24.09.2007.- A wise man once said that when street cats feel their end is near, they leave their regular territory and lay down some place where they cannot be found. This is the third clue regarding his end. 1) Rijeka must come to him; 2) picture of Rijeka; and 3) death of a cat.

Mon 24
Sep 2007

Where is Brooklyn?

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23.09.2007, The Beggar's Diary, five movements.

1. Yesterday's tune, played by Dave Brubeck, is still humming in his head.
Rudolf and Eberhart, two documentary filmmakers, want to interview him and follow him around for an hour or two. Filch doesn't mind it this time. They have two questions for him:
“What is your task within the exhibition?”

The Beggar's Diary, 22.09.2007

All by myself in the mornin'
All by myself in the night
I sit alone with a table and a chair
So unhappy there
playing solitaire
All by myself I get lonely
Watchin’ the clock on the shelf
I'd love to rest my weary head
on somebody's shoulder
I hate to grow older
all by myself

Sat 22
Sep 2007

The Dalai Lama Souvenir Season

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English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 21.09.07. – Finally some people! The late summer brought new visitors to the city, and just at the right time, because Filch The Beggar seems to have regained all his cunning as a businessman and has launched The Dalai Lama Souvenir Season.

Fri 21
Sep 2007

"Fuck you, Filch."

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English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 20.09.07.- Today is the day of touring groups , each with its different attributes, like Indian tribes. There is the group of 15 teenagers, all of them carrying a red rose in their hand; 20 minutes later you see the group of girls with oversized sunglasses; then boys again, armed with slingshots this time.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 19.09.07.- Filch The Beggar knows that Constanze has not been guarding Kinoshita's work "Chinese Whispers" for a few days already, so he has no idea why he just received the letter from yesterday, but he understands now why the letter was dated "Today." He knows the messages from Constanze always have, at least, two meanings (remember the Gasoline days?).