Wed 19
Sep 2007

Bonjour, Tristesse.

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Good morning, Mr. Filch,
Today I have been assigned to keep watch over the "Chinese Whispers." There are not many visitors, and the few there are don’t seem to need any information I could give them. So I have decided to do my own "Chinese Whisper," to try to put some order in my thoughts and in the events of the last couple of weeks.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 17.09.07. - Yesterday was summer, and today is already autumn. In the course of his three months of existence, Filch had gotten used to these Mondays where nothing seems to happen. But there had never been a Monday as uneventful as this one. He has survived poverty, hunger, prosecution, conspiracy, disease; he has overcome it all, but boredom will kill him.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 16.09.07. - Today, there is place for only one idea in Filch's head: to meet Mr. Robert Wilson, and to use the influence of this immensely talented man to find a job with the Muenster theatre company, and thus –never truer words were spoken – to live beyond death as an artist in the minds of people.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 15.09.07. - Charles Filch has reached a point that many a mortal must reach: he knows his end is near, and so he has stopped worrying about the banal, the petty little miseries of the everyday, and has started concentrating on the things that really matter.
So today, next to the usual coffee at the fyal, he has ordered a croissant for breakfast.

The Beggar's Diary, 14.09.2007. – A Jack Johnson song is playing at the fyal:
"I woke up this morning,
A rainbow filled the sky.
A guy came up to me
And said everything is gonna be all right."

The Beggar's Diary, 13.09.2007 . – Filch, still thinking about the social security system in Scandinavia, decides to keep the 20 Euro Christine gave him. He hides it in a secret place, in case he might ever need it: "20 Euro: that's my social security." This might be the most sensible thing I’ve done to date, he thinks.

The Beggar's diary, 12.09.2007.- In the morning, Filch meets Sophie, the guardian angel at the Switch+ info point. She's leaving for Alicante next week; she’s taking some wool and she plans to knit all day long. That’s her dream for her holidays. How about taking with her the collective work "The Scarf," which no one has touched in ages. Yes, why not.

The Beggar's Diary, 11.09.2007.- Filch heard a story about Andreas, one of the characters in Valérie Jouve’s film. Andreas is the man who collects bottles all around the city so that he can trade them for money. Today Filch saw this man, looking through the garbage in silence.

The Beggar's Diary, 10.09.2007.- Filch finds on the street a chalk drawing, probably the work a child, as it is lying near a home full of toys in the garden. Filch likes the drawing, which reminds him of Picasso. "I hope I'm not offending anyone by thinking that.” Its drizzly and cold, so he heads to the fyal, and once there he doesn't feel much like leaving.

The Beggar's Diary, 09.09.2007.- Filch is late, terribly late, and everywhere in town there are people running. The people are running towards an imaginary goal: 42 km (the marathon). Filch had forgotten it, but, of course, today is Muenster Marathon. He sees a runner with the number 6347 on her chest! So there are at least 6.347 people running at this very moment!