Fri 27
Jul 2007

Filch, you are mortal!

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English synopsis. The Beggar's Diary, 26.07.07. - Have you ever seen Blade Runner?

English synopsis. The Beggar's Diary, 23.07.07. - The most atrocious crime has happened. Someone has stolen Michael Asher’s caravan. And what is worse, there are rumors that Filch did it. What a load of crap! What an insidious lie! What slander!

English synopsis. The Beggar's Diary 22.07.07. - It’s Sunday again!

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 21.07.07. – It was a busy start of the Filch, who received an urgent message from Monika informing him that she needs a new lucky cigarette (i.e., the fake cigarettes that sly Filch sells to gullible people as amulets) since the one she had is broken and she has an important job interview soon.

English synopsis, The Beggar's diary, 20.07.07. - An unglamorous day. Days such as this happen in Muenster as well. Filch is kindly asked to return the chairs he had borrowed from the Landesmuseum for his writing business, and he has the sense that they don’t trust him enough to lend him those chairs – perhaps they are afraid he might sell them? Marginal remains marginal, and he is marginal.

English synopsis, The Beggar's diary, 19.07.07. - Today at the Prinzipalmarkt there is something exceptional going on. Television crews are everywhere. As a natural impulse, Filch walks very slowly in front of the cameras. He has no idea what is happening, but whatever it is, he will be on television.

English synopsis, The Beggar's diary, 18.07.07.- Today Filch asks me today if he can borrow my typewriter, and of course I say yes.

He goes to the Spiekerhof carrying my typewriter and two stools: one for the typewriter, and one for him. On the wall he hangs a sign:

Poems – 15 euro

Short stories- 15 euro

Love letters- 10 euro

Grievance letters- 11 euro

The Beggar’s Diary 17.07.07. - Filch wakes up today absolutely determined to sell his drawings. Whatever it takes!

English synopsis, The Beggar’s Diary 16.07.07.- Filch has 20 euro in his pocket. He seems to have no place left in his head but for the thought of what do with it. Maybe go to the bank and open an account with a 4,25% interest rate?

Mon 16
Jul 2007

A taxonomy of spectators.

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English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary 15.07.07. – This was promised to be the hottest day of the year. Observing his observers, Filch establishes the following taxonomy of "The Beggar's spectator":