The Beggar's Diary, 08.09.2007. – Filch is passing the Landesmuseum early in the morning when Christine Litz spots him and reminds him of the deal they made: he got to meet the Bundespräsident in exchange for going with her to meet an art collector next Sunday. By all means, dear Christine, that’s just the sort of people The Beggar is interested in right now.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary 07.09.07. - Pavarotti is dead. The newspaper headline reads: "Pavarotti is silenced." Filch wonders if one day the headlines will read: "Filch is sold." Yes, he must admit to himself that he hasn’t given up hope, yet.

Thu 06
Sep 2007


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English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary 06.09.07. – Ever since yesterday, when Filch confessed onstage during The Beggar's Evenings that he suffered from bipolar disorder, that his moods rush from depression to euphoria and back again, his confusion just keeps growing. Yes, he decided to leave today, as he was unable to endure the humiliation of being good old No.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 03.09.07. - Business is going from bad to worse, and—no use denying it—the reason for it is that people are no longer interested in Filch. The days are noticeably shorter, and colder. The international crowd of visitors is virtually non-existent, at least at the Spiekerhof.

English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 02.09.07. - If human lives had titles, his would surely be: "Hopelessly in love?" Just like that, with a question mark. Like the ones always featured on ads for municipal services. For as long as he can remember, every goal he’s ever had in life has turned out a fiasco. Constanze. Gangsta rap. The Beggar's Aria No. 1. His political activism.

Sun 02
Sep 2007

Filch meets The Church

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English synopsis, The Beggar's Diary, 01.09.07.- Today, in a series of big public events taking place in the city of Muenster, Filch meets the movement for peace (it has deep root in the first Communist movement of the 20s, always very emotive for a Brechtian character). And Filch meets The Church.

The Beggar's Diary, 31.08.2007. - "Unterschreiben Sie für den Frieden?" "Natürlich," replies Filch.

The Beggar's Diary, 30.08.2007. - A demonstration passes by the Spiekerhof and Filch asks what's going on: "We are protesting because we have to relocate to Muenster," someone shouts. "What?" A man explains that they work at a bank in Cologne, and the bank has decided to relocate over 700 employees to Muenster. They all have to move.

The Beggar’s Diary, 29.08.2007. - Filch is reading at the Spiekerhof when an old man and woman stop to inspect the clothes displayed on the shop window. The new collection is up, yes, and they won’t be the last ones stopping by. They completely ignore him.

The Beggar's Diary, 28.08.2007.- Today is the day Filch intends to make his last act of protest to protect Mark Wallinger’s Thread. A couple of days ago he had found, in his mailbox, a postcard in sign language and with the sentence: "Finger weg vom Faden." His last protest will accordingly be a silent one.