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Mon 18
Jun 2007

Anyone could be

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The Beggar's Diary 17.06.07
The Beggar interviewed by a national American radio station (sorry we don't know the exact name of the station):
radio station- So, why were you selected to be The Beggar?
The Beggar- I'd like to send back the question to the American people: Why is someone selected?

Opening Day .- (für Deutsch siehe unten)

In the next 120 days, from 10:00 to 20:00, I’ll be Filch, The Beggar. I ask myself how Brecht would have nicknamed Sculpture No. 6 of SPM07: the demander? the claimer? the requester? the pleader? I, personally, would have particularly liked “the petitioner”: the petitioner of recognition, of answers, of information, and, certainly, of money.

If the artist has passed, by a slow process, from the state of entertainer – pleasantly occupying people’s spare time- to the ambition of a prophet.