The Beggar's diary, 13.07.2007.- As Filch walks the streets morosely, head down, his eyes fall on four golden pavement stones with names written on them. He reads about the people who lived in the house opposite the stones and who died after being deported to camps in 1939. Do people know about this?

Fri 13
Jul 2007

Charles, Charles Filch.

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The Beggar's diary, 12.07.2007.- Now Filch gets his coffee before even asking, they see him coming in and they start preparing it. Is this home, he wonders? A place where coffee is made for you without asking? “My Home is where My Coffee is”, should he sell this as a commercial ad?

The Beggar's diary 11.07.2007.- As he orders his free morning coffee, the girl behind the counter gives him an accomplice smile and winks at him. She puts a cookie next to the coffee. Will this be a day of fortune?

The Beggar's diary 10.07.2007.- There are now two places where Filch can drink a free cup of coffee. This poses a dilemma, as he cannot be at two different spots at one and the same time, and he only drinks one cup of coffee a day. The demand to be at two places drinking coffee is more than he can supply.

The Beggar's diary 08.07.2007.- Filch takes a long morning walk and says hello to everyone he meets, like people do in the mountains. As agreed, he has his morning coffee at 11:00 and then sets up shop at the Spiekerhof, where the waiters of a restaurant stare at No. 06, discussing his presence … They seem not to remember him, even though he’s been around for a good three weeks now.

Tue 10
Jul 2007

Is it about a man or a woman?

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The Beggar's diary 09.07.2007.- As he walks into the city, Filch comes across a brain on wheels surrounded by students. He stops them in the middle of the street. They ask him to move aside and he asks what they are doing. “I asked first”, says a young man, and Filch likes him immediately.

The Beggar's diary 07-07-2007. Scroll down for media (interview with the guardian of the Flower)
Today, the number 7 is all around us. Filch heard a that lot of people are getting married today because of the special date: 07.07.2007, or 7-7-7 (as in the New York Times!). A holy number, 7. But Filch is known as 06.

English synopsis 06.07.07.- Filch walks into the city at around 14:00, and makes sure to pass by the Dom Square … you never know. After a brief stop at the Spiekerhof he returns to the Überwasser Kirche, where a guard gives him a little note, a riddle: “There was once a sculpture project. I wait for you there at 15:00". There are only 12 minutes left to solve the riddle. Thoughts rush again.

05.07.07, English synopsis
There is no question about it: today has been a very special day for Filch.
He could hardly fall asleep with thoughts crossing his head at the speed of light. As he opens his eyes, all he thinks about is how hard it will be to wait until 17:00, when he’s supposed to meet Constanze.

04.07.07. English synopsis: The day starts with Filch going to a bar where there is a bathtub in the restroom. He wants to take a bath and also pitch a business proposition to the owner: public baths in which people can take a bath while drinking coffee—there is money in this, he is sure. The owner rejects his proposal but offers him a coffee a day for free from now on.